Why use bulb as a platform for your digital portfolio?

Bulb digital portfolio - a powerful tool, user friendly and has an easily understandable user interface for their users to create, curate, share and showcase their digital portfolio.

Bulb digital portfolio is :-

EASY to use.

MULTIMODAL & MULTIMEDIA files of standard types can be included in any created portfolio page.

INTEGRATED applications such as Microsoft O365 and Google Classroom, plus others, optimizes incorporation into the wider digital education ecosystem for optimum learning advantage.

GLOBAL means no matter where users go geographically they can continue to create, curate, share and showcase their material beautifully.

PORTABLE enables a users who leaves for the next stage of their life, to continue to use and build their portfolio in another institution, job or location. As such it supports and assists with lifelong learning, development and success. Also, Alumni can remain within the institutions’ separate keep-in-touch Alumni organization.

Sign up for your trial account now for free at: https://www.bulbapp.com/b/sign-up

Note: For individuals, education institutes, organizations - If you have any inquiries regarding bulb digital portfolios or are ready to implement using bulb digital portfolios. Please do leave us a message or contact us at https://www.cybertechmy.com/contact and our team will contact you as soon as possible.


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