Who are we and what do we do?

Cybertech Security Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company based in Cyberjaya and was incorporated in March 2013 to be a premier organization in providing comprehensive, cost-effective and state of the art technologies to clients based on their business requirements.

We aim to develop a world-class team of highly motivated, skilled, and qualified professionals in providing innovative and leading-edge solutions for the security sectors, educational solutions, medical industry, automotive industry, marketing and information technology. 


Cybertech Malaysia offers a full range of technology solutions, services and end-to-end product portfolio ranging from cyber and data security, biometric solutions, hospital information systems, robotics, digital marketing programs, and content development.



To provide our customers with quality products in security, education, automotive and creative sectors, & services that would meet excellent expectations.


To build a long term relationship with our clients and partners while providing quality products and services through innovation and advanced technologies.


Meet the people that lives, breathes, dreams & strives for perfection. This is Cybertech Security Malaysia.

Ishammuddin - Cybertech Chairman

Ishammuddin Razaman


Ameerul Afeeq  - Senior Manager

Ameerul Afeeq

Senior Manager

Jaffar Ali - Education Consultant

Jaffar Ali Habibullah

Education Consultant

Zulkifli Khalid  - Cybertech CEO

Zulkifli Khalid

Chief Executive Officer

Khai Ahmad - Business Development & SAM Labs Certified Education Level 1 & Level 2

Khairuddin Ahmad

Business Development &
Accounts Executive

Zarul Razi - Media Executive

Zarul Ikmal Razi

Media Executive

Ameerul Ezmeer  - Cybertech CEO

Ameerul Ezmeer

Chief Operations Officer

Akhim Razali - Business Development & SAM Labs Certified Education Level 1 & Level 2

Akhimullah Razali

Business Development Executive


Over the years, Cybertech has signed many partnership agreements with many renowned international companies to become one of their local partners in Malaysia and/or ASEAN region. These strategic partners are mostly at the forefront in providing integrated IT solutions involving innovation and latest technology. Their products and services range from providing products in education, security and automotive sectors, systems (or) solutions, IT infrastructure deployment, training programs, and consultancy.

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Hospital Information Management System


Assisting HeiTech Padu Berhad developed a more efficient hospital information management system that benefits administrators, doctors, nurses and patients of government hospitals in Malaysia.

Linking the Government & its Citizens


Assisting HeiTech develops online inter-agency exchange systems that enable the Government to provide its counter services at other agencies' services counters. Members of the public are also presented with the option of visiting these outlets to peruse these services.​

FOMEMA project through Heitech Padu Berhad


To improve and maintain the quality of the services by healthcare facilities in carrying out the medical examination of foreign workers towards an international standard.

Assisting Heitech to develop IT solutions (biometrics) in implementing the usage of new and enhanced technology, policy and methodology in carrying out the medical examination of foreign workers.