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Unplugged Coding
Experience the principles of physical computing by connecting MODI modules together - no device needed! Module connect magnetically for safety and ease of use.

Develop STEAM Skills
Start coding intuitively! No prior knowledge of electronics or programming is required.

Compatible with LEGO Brick
Combine your child's favorite LEGO with MODI and enter a world of infinite imagination!

Magical Magnet Module
There are 3 types of MODI modules: Input, Output and Setup. Input modules detect or measure the surrounding environment and control the output modules. Output modules communicate with or affect their environment with motion, light, or sound. Setup modules support the operation of other modules.

Free Apps Included
- Code Sketch
- MODI Studio
- MODI Play

MODI Master Kit

  • What's in the Kit?

    • 2x Network Modules
    • 2x Battery Modules
    • 2x Infrared Modules
    • 1x Gyroscope Module
    • 1x Microphone Module
    • 1x Button Module
    • 1x Environment Module
    • 2x Dial Modules
    • 1x Ultrasonic Module
    • 2x LED Modules
    • 2x Display Modules
    • 1x Speaker Module
    • 4x Motor Modules
    • 2x Motor Controller Modules