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‘Coding is the Future’ Advanced Coding Expert Kit. Enjoy various creative lessons and project activities. Try writing and activating your own code, and elevate your coding expertise through an advanced programming course.

Unplugged Coding
Experience the principles of physical computing by connecting MODI modules together - no device needed! Module connect magnetically for safety and ease of use.

Compatible with LEGO Brick
Combine your child's favorite LEGO with MODI and enter a world of infinite imagination!

Magical Magnet Module
There are 3 types of MODI modules: Input, Output and Setup. Input modules detect or measure the surrounding environment and control the output modules. Output modules communicate with or affect their environment with motion, light, or sound. Setup modules support the operation of other modules.


Advanced Programming

With more modules and sensors included in this kit, users can build more advanced robotics and make a variety of creations.

There's also advance programming courses and lesson plans so users can try writing and deploying your own code, and enhance your coding expertise.


5C-Based Curriculum Suitable for the 4th Industrial Revolution

  1.  Creativity - Make your own creations to suit you
  2. Communication - Make and share various creations to improve your comunication skills
  3. Collaboration - Includes classes that require teamwork to help foster cooperation
  4. Critical thinking - Software concepts and principles can be learned through play and experience
  5. Computational thinking - Can be learned through algorithms and programming

Free Apps Included
- Code Sketch
- MODI Studio
- MODI Play

MODI Expert Kit

  • What's in the Kit?

    • 2x Network Modules
    • 2x Battery Modules
    • 2x Infrared Modules
    • 1x Gyroscope Module
    • 1x Microphone Module
    • 1x Button Module
    • 1x Environment Module
    • 1x Dial Module
    • 1x Ultrasonic Module
    • 1x LED Module
    • 1x Display Module
    • 1x Speaker Module
    • 4x Motor Modules
    • 2x Motor Controller Modules