SAM Labs launched a new platform: SAM Studio!

STEAM and coding have a new home. Introducing SAM Studio.

SAM Labs launched a new platform called SAM Studio the end of last year. As all of you knew, Google Workbench, a lesson library repository and creation tool, was deprecated in December 2020. SAM Studio houses educators’ longtime favorite coding application, SAM Space, and new soon to be favorite, SAM Blockly (previously Google Workbench). With your favorite coding features from both platforms, but now backed by the dependable power of web-browser access, SAM Studio is an easily accessible and frictionless coding platform for all school districts.

Now available as a web-based application, SAM Space gives students access to their favorite flow-based coding platform. SAM Space boasts flow-based intuitive coding that is highly visual. Students build their code in the app using our SAM blocks and behaviors. They simply drag and drop the blocks that they would like to use to create their code on the workspace in the app.

SAM Space has limited text, allowing all students, regardless of age, language spoken, reading level, or learning needs, to create and test a code when in the SAM Space app. The visual nature of the app is a huge advantage for students learning to code with our SAM Labs STEAM activities.

Previously known as Google Workbench, SAM Blockly allows students to create block-based coding programs using both physical and virtual SAM Blocks. SAM Blockly takes coding to the next level with Blockly and introduces students to block-based coding. Our SAM Labs STEAM education curriculum and Learn to Code curriculum provide a seamless progression from SAM Space’s visually intuitive coding platform to block-based coding within Workbench.

In SAM Blockly students continue to drag and drop the blocks to create their block-based code. A major difference between SAM Space and SAM Blockly is that the blocks used to create code have text on them unlike in SAM Space which has primarily images only.

Both SAM Space and SAM Blockly offer a plan for teaching students how to code by meeting them at their appropriate level. For example, with our standards-aligned STEAM activities Kindergarten students are learning how to code within the visual focused app.

Ideal For Every Experience Level

Access both SAM Space and SAM Blockly easily from SAM Studio

Easy Implementation

Browser-access allows for less IT management of apps and reduces friction for implementation

Seamlessly Compatible

SAM Blockly is compatible with Micro:bit, Sphero's Sprk+, Vernier, and Parrot Drone

Effortless Export/Import

Share projects between teachers and students easily.

Google Classroom Integration

Educators can manage students' projects, assign work, and access submissions.

Full-Feature Offline Mode

Promoting equity in education, access with no internet connection needed after initial use.

Never Lose Your Hard Work

Projects are auto-saved every 30 seconds

Explore SAM Studio here.

What is SAM Blockly?

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