MODI by Luxrobo

Modular kit for your DIY IoT and robotic creations. No soldering, no electronics knowledge needed.  Just connect and build.

MODI is the easiest and most intuitive way to learn coding.

MODI is a modular robotics kit professionally developed in-house at LUXROBO. Our two main
products are our Designer Kit and our Expert Kit. Each kit contains input, output and setup modules
that allow learners to acquire key concepts across computer science and coding curriculums in a
fun and engaging way. Through hands-on, project-based activities learners of all ages are able to
tackle problems logically while developing their critical thinking and computational thinking skills.
In combination with a STEAM curriculum, 3D printing, and LEGO, MODI classes really come alive!



Easily grasp coding principles by just combining modules!



Code by just dragging

and dropping.



Turn imagination into reality!

Build your own creation.



Use a joystick to play with

your creation.


Form your
basic coding concepts

Understand and apply the working principles of input, 

output and setup modules.

Enhance your computational thinking

Courses on abstract, algorithm, automation and debugging practices

Enhance your
convergence thinking

STEAM-based fusion projects in association with a variety of subjects

Develop your problem solving skills

Collaboratively carry out problem solving processes in relation to planning, coding, designs and tests

Just connect
and build.

How it works?

Want to create something? Just connect! It doesn’t matter which side of the modules or in which order you connect. All the modules are magnetic. There's no need of programming and soldering. Just plug and start building your ideas.

You can create just about anything with MODI. Of course, you can take full advantage with MODI by coding and programming. Meet MODI Studio


With MODI Studio, you can easily control the motion and the behaviour of the modules. Just drag and drop the commands and you are good to go!

MODI Creations

Learning is facilitated by instructional MODI Creation Guide Videos that offer step-by-step instructions on how to create a new project, such as the construction of an RC car or the building of a security siren. Other modular devices have exposed circuit boards, but MODIs do not, making it a safe choice for children and a perfect interactive smart block for software education.


Take a look at some of the projects and creations done using MODI modules and MODI Studio. The possibilities or creations using MODI are endless, only limited by one's imagination.